Microsoft Business Voice

Issues on your business phone often affect customer service and productivity. Low call quality can also impair seamless communication between employees, affecting your collaboration efforts. Microsoft 365 Business Voice offers excellent audio quality and reliable service through its cloud implementation.

Microsoft’s Business Voice delivers an all-inclusive communication solution in Microsoft Teams, which business owners can use for calling, chat, and meetings. Flexible calling plans and audio conferencing capabilities are some of the platform’s top features.

How can your team benefit from Microsoft 365 Business Voice? What does this solution offer that can help you make a difference? Read on to learn more.  Holden Watne, an IT services professional in Los Angeles outlines some of the advantages with Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice: Features

Microsoft released this cloud-based telephony solution to meet the collaborative needs of modern workforces. The all-in-one solutions include:

  • A business phone system to make and receive calls
  • Multiple device compatibility, allowing your team to access the system from any location
  • Chat message translation and voicemail transcription with AI tech
  • Call transfer and call queuing capabilities, with greetings to put callers at ease
  • Dynamic calling plans that integrate VoIP dial in and dial out
  • Multiple dial-in numbers for audio conferencing up to 300 users
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Excellent scalability with cloud-based management
  • Simplified audio/video start during text-based chats
  • Extended flexibility letting users switch between different modes with a single click

Microsoft 365 Business Voice: Benefits

Today’s business owners can simplify calling and collaboration in the cloud with Microsoft’s new Business Voice. This new solution lets you manage all your communications in the same environment, helping you streamline collaboration.

Benefits of this solution include:

Business-grade cloud technology

Microsoft provides a secure cloud environment ideal for scaling your company’s communication strategy. Reduce downtime considerably as you make the most of load balancing. Expect excellent audio quality and dependable services from Microsoft’s trusted cloud. Your company will also benefit from enterprise security and built-in redundancy that helps to maintain business continuity in a tech emergency.

Top-notch features

Microsoft 365 Business Voice comes with the latest technology. Maintain your competitive edge with voicemail transcription and AI tech. Meeting captioning and inline chat translation also improve your calling system.

Simple Setup

With an easy-to-use Office console, this new solution simplifies phone system management. The console also lets you move your phone numbers into Business Voice with ease. Use a single billing provider with your communications running in a single environment. The “Getting Started” wizard can help your team on their journey.

A comprehensive Communication Suite

Microsoft Teams and Outlook help you manage your calendar information and contacts while the Office suite fosters collaboration. Your teams can dial into meetings with a unified chat and calling system. The communications platform helps you save money on software integrations while ensuring that you meet your business needs.

Legacy number migration

Business Voice allows business owners to integrate their old numbers in the new system, ensuring that you keep in touch with existing customers. You can also set up new numbers and make PSTN calls to any number.

Multiple Device Support

Today’s employees often switch between smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers as they perform their duties. Business Voice lets them use the most convenient device for specific situations. The BYOD feature is especially useful in today’s remote workforce. Besides, you can also use a range of headsets and handsets.

Better Collaboration

With the all-in-one solution, different departments can collaborate on multiple projects with ease. The single platform also simplifies communication within the team.

Build a customized communication environment with Microsoft’s wide range of devices. Small to medium businesses can make the most of this immersive phone system as they move into the cloud.

Do you want to unify your communications on the cloud? Integrate Microsoft’s Business Voice to your communication systems and watch your business grow and achieve conversations.


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