Microsoft Teams Top 10

Microsoft Teams is a unified time-saving virtual communications platform that combines workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. The big plus of Microsoft Teams is that is can be integrated with other software, Microsoft based or not creating a one-stop hub for teamwork. Ten of the lastest integrations will surely streamline your daily objectives and improve your teamwork capability.

My team and I at put together a great list of the best integrations we use with Microsoft Teams.

  1. Customer Feedback From Twitter: Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Integrating Twitter into Teams allows you to get real-time customer feedback from a tweet right into Teams. Simply set up alerts that are meaningful to your organization and when a customer tweets using your handle or hashtag it will flow right into Teams so you can reply or share in real-time.
  2. Organize and Prioritize With Built right into your email inbox, calendar, and chat, is like having your very own and efficient personal assistant, 24/7. allows you to interact with it simply by typing commands into a chat window where it gathers the information, schedules Teams meetings, overviews your day, sends and receives reminders and even create documents.
  3. Modernize Your Work With ServiceNow: ServiceNow is an easy to use cloud-based interface designed to manage everything. The mission is to assist today’s businesses to operate faster with a service-oriented, experiential view on everyday activities, tasks, and processes. Integrating it with Teams allows for better relationship building, problem-solving, and important daily workflows.
  4. Run Polls With Polly: Start a valuable conversation with Polly and Teams working together for customer feedback. Polly is a survey app that easily and quickly allows you to create surveys right in Teams and view the feedback in real-time. Turn on your comments and create an interactive discussion board gathering the input while no workflow is disrupted.
  5. Manage Projects With Trello: Trello is an incredibly easy to use project management software that organizes and prioritizes projects onto boards and tells you what is currently being worked on, who is doing what and the status of the overall project. When integrated with Teams, you will be able to interactively view Trello assignments, notifications, and tasks and engage in a real-time conversation without leaving Teams.
  6. Celebrate, and Recognize With Disco: Disco is an app that recognizes employees, their support of the organization’s values, and their accomplishments. Disco makes it easy to communicate company culture through Teams so everyone can see when great work is happening and everyone can recognize and celebrate it in real-time, either privately or publically.
  7. Serve Customers Quicker With Jira: Jira is a leading software tool used to track issues and bugs related to mobile apps and computer software. When integrated into Teams, it provides a collaborative way to deliver value to customers quicker, evaluate and predict workload, app performance, and bug resolution in real-time without affecting workflow.
  8. Share and Brainstorm With MindMeister: MindMeister is an online tool that provides a visual way to develop and share ideas. When integrated with Teams, users can easily take notes, brainstorm, and discuss among team members using chat.
  9. Add Creativity To Teamwork With Adobe Creative Cloud: Adobe’s Creative Cloud has popular apps to inspire creativity including graphic design, video, photography, and so much more. These apps integrated with Teams provide the ultimate collaborative teamwork of creativity, sharing, and scheduling timeline and tasks.
  10. Customize Software With GitHub: GitHub is a collaborative platform where software developers work together to solve problems and create important technologies. Integrated into Teams allows users of any industry to create and share the best code that is for you.


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